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Our history

The Firm continues the tradition started in 1869 in Milan by Riccardo Luzzatto, founder of “Studio Luzzatto”, law firm that immediately established itself in intellectual and industrial property which, at the time, was a new field of law.

The interest in intellectual and industrial property was definitively strengthened by the founder’s son, Enrico Luzzatto, author in 1914 of the “Trattato generale delle privative industriali”, treatise that is universally acknowledged as the milestone of intellectual and industrial property in Italy, as well as founder and editor of the first legal journal in the field, the “Rivista della Proprietà Intellettuale ed Industriale”, later also edited by his successor Attilio.

Later on, equally important experiences and notoriety in two different areas of law - arbitrations and international law - came alongside the expertise gained and the consequent renown achieved by the Firm in the industrial and intellectual property field. This firstly occurred thanks to the activity and experience of Prof. Avv. Riccardo Luzzatto, regular professor of international law at the “Università degli Studi” of Milan from 1980 to 2010, as well as author of several publications and monographs.

In its current configuration, the Firm combines the internationally acknowledged ‘traditional’ competences in the aforementioned fields of industrial and intellectual property, arbitrations and international law, with expertise and knowledge gained by the members of the Firm in other areas of the law, such as corporate and commercial law and sport law.

The tradition started by the founder Riccardo back in 1869, besides its own natural and constant evolution in Italy that led to the current structure and configuration of the Firm, had a further parallel expansion in Israel where it presently continues thanks to the activity of “Luzzatto Law Firm”, with offices in Tel Aviv and Omer, with which the Firm currently has productive professional relations –

Riccardo Luzzatto, Professor of International Law

Riccardo Luzzatto, founder of the Firm

Enrico Luzzatto, author of the "Trattato generale delle privative industriali”

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