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Intellectual Property

The Firm has significant expertise and experience with regard to the development, acquisition, protection and exploitation of intellectual property rights (such as trademarks, domain names and other distinctive marks, patents, designs, models, know-how, commercial secrets and unfair competition), also in partnership with the most important patent and trademark offices, and to the relevant protection in the event of disputes before the Courts. The activity of the Firm also focuses on negotiating and drafting transfer, licence, distribution, franchising, merchandising, sponsorship, advertising and technology transfer agreements in light of specifically applicable law.

The Firm also operates in the field of copyright, in which it provides assistance for the protection of images, industrial design, musical and literary works, as well as information technology.

Domestic and International Arbitration

The professionals of the Firm are particularly active in the domestic and international arbitration area in every field of the law, acting as both counsels and arbitrators – sitting as Chairman or member of the Arbitration Panel or sole Arbitrator.

In fact they assist their clients as counsels and are frequently appointed to serve as arbitrators both in ad hoc and institutional arbitrations, in any seat, under any applicable law and before the main domestic and international institutions, including among others the International Chamber of Commerce – ICC, the Milan Arbitration Chamber – CAM, the London Court of International Arbitration – LCIA, the Netherlands Arbitration Institute – NAI, the Court of Arbitration for Sports – TAS/CAS.​

European and International law

The Firm has specific expertise in the field of international law, in particular with regard to issues concerning the determination of the competent jurisdiction and the applicable law and the interpretation and application of international Conventions, as well as in the European Union law area, with specific attention to issues related to free movement of goods, people, services and capitals, and State aids.

The activity of the professionals of the Firm consists of drafting contracts, consulting and drafting legal opinions during the pre-litigation phase, and providing judicial assistance in proceedings before the ordinary and Supreme Courts - such as for instance proceedings aimed at determining jurisdiction and enforcing foreign judgments - and in proceedings before the Court of Justice of the European Union. The professionals of the Firm are frequently asked to render expert opinions in arbitrations and court proceedings, both in Italy and abroad.

Corporate and commercial law

In the area of corporate law, the Firm has gained a consolidated experience in assisting listed and unlisted Italian and foreign companies following them through the incorporation process and the business activity start-up, the development of company specific governance structures, as well as the management of the ordinary company issues.

As part of its activity the Firm offers advice in structuring and implementing company’s extraordinary transactions both in Italy and in other countries, such as mergers, spin-offs, restructuring, acquisitions, sales of shareholdings, business and assets, public tender offers and offers to exchange.

The Firm also provides its qualified legal assistance to companies, on an ongoing basis, in negotiating and drafting any kind of commercial agreement across a wide range of industrial and business sectors.

Sport law

The Firm has a qualified experience in the area of sport law, intended both as the specific field regulated by rules issued by sport authorities, and as the peculiar application of civil law provisions to various relationships related to sport activities.

In particular, the Firm assists its clients, being sport companies and federations or professional athletes, with regard either to sponsorship agreements and other agreements, or to settlement procedures and arbitrations for the solution of disputes before the “Tribunale Nazionale di Arbitrato per lo Sport” at CONI and before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne.

Antitrust and Competition

The Firm handles the full spectrum of domestic and European competition issues. In particular, the Firm has a consolidated experience on mergers control rules, having assisted many clients in the national and international expansion of their businesses, in the analysis and filing of concentration notifications to the European Commission and to the competent national authorities.

The Firm also assists its clients in proceedings relating to abuse of dominant position and agreements restricting competition before the European Commission, the European Court of Justice, the “Autorità garante della concorrenza e del mercato” and to the “Autorità per le garanzie nelle comunicazioni”. The Firm advises its clients on a regular basis with respect to all forms of conducts and arrangements to minimize the potential risk of antitrust violations and liabilities.


The Firm provides judicial assistance before any ordinary and superior Court in all areas of its activities and, through the years, has acquired a broad and preeminent experience in the field of corporate litigation, disputes related to civil and commercial agreements, liability actions against directors, auditors and auditing companies, as well as litigation concerning intellectual property, unfair competition, civil law liability and product liability.

By virtue of its international vocation, the Firm successfully assists the clients in proceedings presenting connections with different legal systems or presuming the solutions of issues concerning jurisdiction and/or applicable law.

Bankruptcy law

The Firm provides qualified assistance in bankruptcy law and insolvency procedures, both to creditors of insolvent subjects aiming to grant access to the available bankruptcy procedures and to companies that are facing situations of financial distress and reorganizations of critical business.

The Firm assists both the receiver and the private parties in any kind of bankruptcy litigation, including claw-back and liability actions.

Inheritance and Division law

The Firm provides experienced and qualified assistance and advice in all the issues relating to inheritance and division law, with particular regard to the protection of family assets, agreements as to succession and inheritance partitions.

In this area of law the Firm assists its clients in the resolution of inheritance disputes related to both private individuals and domestic and international family businesses.

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